1. Reasons You Can’t Focus (And What You Can Do About It)

    You’re a smart cookie and a hard worker—you work hard to improve yourself, your professional standing, and the quality of your life. But sometimes, it’s hard for you to stay focused on the task in front of you. Maybe you’re a daydreamer, or maybe you just keep falling asleep at your desk—w…Read More

  2. The (Science) of Relaxation

    Relaxing is easier said than done—with so many things to worry about and take care of in your professional and personal life, it can feel difficult (if not impossible) to achieve a relaxed state so you can live your very best life. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to train your brain to be mo…Read More

  3. Simple Ways to Improve Brain Power, Part 2

    In the previous blog post, the New York brain training professionals gave you tips for improving your brain power. We’ll continue on that topic today, with even more ways to increase cognitive function for a better brain and a better you! Don’t stop learning. The saying “use it or lose it” d…Read More

  4. Simple Ways to Improve Brain Power

    If you’re trying to find success in your career, you’ve probably employed many strategies to give yourself a boost in the professional world. You’ll do tons of research, go to conferences to learn from experts, stay late at the office, and do whatever else you need to do to be successful and a…Read More

  5. Improving Your Work Performance Part 2

    In our previous blog, the New York brain training experts at Brainasium gave you a few tips for improving your work performance and living up to your full professional potential. We’ll continue on that topic, with even more ways to improve as an employee and maximize the quality of your work and y…Read More

  6. Improving Your Work Performance

    If you want to be your very best in life, you need to be at your best during the workday. But doing your best work and being your best self can be a challenge, especially if you’ve been at your job for a while and have become a little too comfortable. It’s easy to become complacent during your t…Read More

  7. Mental Fitness In The Sports World

    High-performing athletes work day-in and day-out to strengthen and condition their bodies so they can perform at their very best. It’s a grind, to say the least: put in the time in the gym and at the practice facility, lift heavy, run fast, repeat. The harder you work to push your body to its limi…Read More

  8. Improving Your Focus And Clarity

    You can have all the talent in the world—but if you can’t focus on the tasks in front of you, there’s a good chance you’ll fall short of your professional and personal goals. In this blog, New York’s cognitive brain training experts will give you a few tips for enhancing your focus and men…Read More

  9. From Honeymooners to Haters: Is Your Relationship Toxic?

    Are you setting the precedence for relationship goals or are you a living and breathing example of what not to do in one’s love life? Consult our warning signs below and find out. 8 Bright Red Flags Warning You’re in an Unhealthy Relationship 1. You criticize more than you compliment one another…Read More

  10. Treat Yourself. Today & Everyday.

    The term “treat yo self” originated from the TV show “Parks & Recreation.”  On the show, two of the characters, Donna and Tom start a “Treat yo self” day, which involves taking a day off of everything to do things for yourself. Granted, on the show, this is demonstrated primarily th…Read More