In our previous blog, the New York brain training experts at Brainasium gave you a few tips for improving your work performance and living up to your full professional potential. We’ll continue on that topic, with even more ways to improve as an employee and maximize the quality of your work and your confidence in the workplace!

Double-check your work.

If you’re going to improve your performance at work, you’ll need to avoid making tiny, careless mistakes—and while you can certainly speed through your work and hope for the best, it’s best to give your work a thorough double-check before you send it down the line. When it comes to your own perception of your work, it’s always nice to know that you’ve done the best job that you possibly could, and that you’ve put in the extra time to make sure your work looks just right. In terms of your perception amongst coworkers, you’ll have pristine work quality that will turn the heads of superiors and colleagues alike. That could be just what you need to earn that promotion and make progress  in your career path.

Write down your great ideas.

If you have ideas on ways to make your business better, you should share them with your bosses and colleagues. This is what makes you a thought leader in your line of work, and what earns you respect from your coworkers.

However, you can’t share all of your great ideas if you forget them before you write them down. Keep a notepad with you so you can jot down these ideas—even the half-baked ones—so you can revisit them and share them down the road. Be aware that these ideas won’t always come to you in the office. In fact, they’ll probably come to you when you’re taking a shower, washing the dishes, and laying down to go to sleep. Keep your notepad handy for these situations so you can lock down the best ideas.

Change up your workspace.

If you’re looking for a fresh start that elevates your work performance, it’s time for a change of scenery. Changing up your desk at work is a great way to accomplish this, as it can make you feel more comfortable in the workplace, and provide you with change-of-pace and inspiration that can make better work performance seem effortless.

More than anything, it’s a neat and organized desk that will help you tackle work more efficiently and avoid the stress of not being able to find paperwork or other items. Keep your desktop organized (your computer desktop counts, too), and wait for an increase in your productivity and happiness in the workplace.

Try cognitive brain training.

Sometimes, work productivity is more of a mental game. The stress of life and work-related expectations can make it hard to think clearly and stay focused—and this can lead to a decrease in workplace performance, no matter how talented or determined you are.

That’s where brain training with Brainnasium can help. Brainnasium brings excellence to your life through the power of science, and helps you feel more calm, focused, and happy. Schedule an appointment with us today!