The term “treat yo self” originated from the TV show “Parks & Recreation.”  On the show, two of the characters, Donna and Tom start a “Treat yo self” day, which involves taking a day off of everything to do things for yourself.

Granted, on the show, this is demonstrated primarily through the  indulgence of extravagant materialistic purchases.

But, there’s a lot we can take away from the “treat yo self” philosophy.

Remember: an empty pot can’t fill a glass.

When we start pouring love and respect back into ourselves, we have that much more to give to others.

When you start feeling guilty for putting yourself first, gently remind yourself that you can’t help anyone without first taking care of you. For the skeptics out there that think treating yourself is for the over indulgent and selfish, let’s clarify,

What “treating yourself” is not:

Spending hundreds of dollars on makeup or electronics.

Abandoning family and friends to focus on yourself.

Ripping up your To-Do list and throwing your responsibilities out the window.

An ultimatum.

What “treating yourself” actually looks like:

Spending a few extra dollars on yourself.

Taking a break.

Finding balance between responsibilities and allowing yourself to enjoy life.

An exercise for you

What’s the one thing you’ve been dying to do but haven’t because, you know, there’s always this or that that’s more important. What is it? Going for a stroll to the park? Throwing on your favorite lounge pants and resting by the fire with nothing more than your favorite book, a cup of tea and a full 60 minutes of “you” time?

Pick one activity, whatever it is you most want to do and make it happen today.

Let everyone know you’ll be unavailable for X amount of time (try at least a half an hour to start, preferably a full hour).

Turn off your phone, throw it in a drawer,  and take those 60 minutes to do precisely what YOU want to do.

Treat the time you’ve blocked out as the most important part of your agenda for the day. Write it down on your calendar in permanent marker. Treat it like a meeting you cannot miss, and start taking that unwavering dedication you apply to work, family and friends and start applying it to yourself.

Comment below & tell us what you’re doing to treat yourself today.

And remember, when those pesky distractions appear, whispering, “you really don’t have time for this,” or “shouldn’t you be cooking? Doing laundry? Working? Taking care of the kids?,” and son on, gently hush that voice and listen to the only one that matters today.