How many Brainnasium brain training sessions are required before I start to notice a difference?

Most clients notice a difference after their first session. The typical course is for the client to receive one session a week for 6 weeks and then once a month after that. Some clients choose to schedule more brain exercise sessions to achieve greater success.

Are there any side effects?

All of the equipment and methodologies used by Brainnasium are approved by the FDA for the purpose of relaxation. The FDA does not require any side effect warnings.

Is any part of Brainnasium training invasive?

No. We simply reward the waves your brain produces that are associated with optimal performance. The reward is a pleasant auditory tone. Nothing gets put into your brain. The training is completely non-invasive.

How long is a Brainnasium session?

30 minutes.

Will I feel anything during a Brainnasium session?

You will not feel anything from the sensors attached to your head. You’ll listen to pleasant sounds and relax. Some clients even fall asleep.

Do I have to do anything during my session?

Sit back and relax. 🙂

How much does a Brannasium session cost?

Please see your location for pricing. Some may provide offer discounts and packages.

Will Brainnasium help with psychological or neurological problems?

Brainnasium is not designed to treat psychological or neurological problems, but rather, it is exclusively designed to help an individual achieve peak performance through enhanced relaxation and mind training. People currently receiving psychological or neurological treatment will have to provide written permission from their health care provider to receive Brainnasium training. Most health care providers encourage Brainnasium training sessions.

Who provides Brainnasium training?

All training sessions are provided by Certified Brainnasium Trainers. They have undergone extensive training by Dr. Nichols and every aspect of the services they provide is monitored. They are also required to undergo continuing education.

Can I become a Certified Brainnasium Trainer?

Absolutely. Simply complete the information in our Partnership page and we’ll contact you with the details.