Focus is the ability to develop a “stability of attention,” the ability to “self-monitor,” and the ability to disengage from distraction.  Athletes often describe it as being “in the zone.” Others describe it as “flow” – the feeling of being so engaged that “time stops.”  No matter how one perceives it, focus is something that has been pursued for centuries through meditation and “mindfulness.”

Through mindfulness and meditation research, neuroscientists have come to recognize that the balanced and centered brain is able to focus in an efficient and superior manner.  By training a quiet and clear brain, the more subtle and complex thoughts come into awareness – thus we become more focused.  We become more resilient, more connected, more ourselves; allowing intuition and inspiration to flow.  These basic principles underlie the approach that Dr. Nichols has taken in developing the protocol that is the foundation of Brainnasium.

The advantage of integrating modern neuroscience with the eastern tradition of meditation is that essential mental training can be accomplished in a much shorter time, working with the brain’s inherent neuroplasticity – or the brain’s ability to learn new, and more functional abilities. Instead of months of meditation, the research shows that neuro brain training can achieve the same results in a few short sessions. Brainnasium training acts as a mental compass, showing the way into states that are difficult to reach without guidance.  After a few Brainnasium sessions many report that they are able to effortlessly reach states of focus never achieved before!