Bringing excellence to your life through the power of science.

The backbone of Brainnasium’s scientific brain training is the Nichols’ Protocol, developed by Dr. Edward Nichols in the context of his original research: “The Relationship Between Neurofeedback Peak Performance Training and Authentic Happiness: An Explorative Study”.

Dr. Nichols built on the foundation created by Dr. Martin Seligman, who urged psychologists to remember psychology’s forgotten mission: to build human strength and to nurture genius.

Positive psychology helped people achieve the phenomena known as “authentic happiness” which could be analyzed into three different elements: positive emotion, engagement, and meaning.

Positive Emotion

What we feel: pleasure, rapture, ecstasy, warmth, comfort, and the like. An entire life led successfully around this element, was called the “pleasant life.”


About flow: being one with the music, time stopping, and the loss of self-consciousness during an absorbing activity. A life lived with these aims was referred to as the “engaged life.” In flow one merges with the object.


Human beings want meaning and purpose in life. The Meaningful Life consists in belonging to and serving something that one believes is bigger than the self (religion, political party, being green, the Boy Scouts, the family, etc.)

“It’s hard to believe that something as simple as Brainnasium could give my life so much meaning. I’m so much more involved in my family, community, and frankly the world. I feel connected! Thank you Brainnasium.”

The Science Behind Brainnasium Brain Training

Don’t just take our word for it. Neurofeedback peak performance brain training is backed by research. Many consider Brainnasium’s Peak Performance Training to be considered to be the “Gold-Standard” for the achievement of excellence.

Outstanding performers in all fields are taking advantage of the neurofeedback technologies contained in Brainnasium to reach their peak.

  • Nasa astronaut training center
  • Military Special Forces
  • American, English, Canadian, Norwegian & Taiwanese Olympic Training Centers
  • The Pro golf circuit
  • Formula 1 teams
  • London’s Royal College of Music
  • All sorts of individuals seeking to improve their personal development


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Peak Performance training promotes deep relaxation as demonstrated by brain maps.
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 Peak Performance training enhances focus and performance for cycling athletes.
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 Peak Performance training improves attention, memory, and mood for music and dance performers.
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 Peak Performance training achieves optimal attentional engagement during putting for golfers.
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 Peak Performance training shown to increase voluntary self-regulation and quality of performance for musicians.
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 Imaginative expression is enhanced by peak performance training in the performing arts.
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 Archery players’ regularity in scoring is increased by peak performance training.
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 Dance performance improved in ballroom and Latin dancers who underwent peak performance training.
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 Short term memory is improved with peak performance training.
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The optimal mental state for golf putting is achieved through peak performance training.
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Academic performance improved for psychology students as a result of peak performance training.
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